I work with great people and we work for great people…together we’ve had many accomplishments in the last five years.

Fiscal Responsibility

Cutting Taxes for District 2

We only ask for the taxpayer money we need to provide the excellent service our community expects and deserves. I have proposed a tax reduction in District 2 for the last three fiscal years. We reduced property taxes by .06 cents per $1000 of assessed value, from $1.40 to $1.34.

Consistently Clean Audit

Every year Deschutes County Finance (separate from our office) performs an audit on the two public safety taxing districts. Every year we have received a clean audit. It is extremely important that funds have been used as promised to voters such as common public safety services and rural patrol.

Improved Training

Deputy Wellness Program

This includes opportunities for exercising on location and a robust peer support model (Now with a COVID-19 safe option, for tele-counseling). We are normal people put in abnormal situations, and mental and physical health is important to job longevity.

Increased Training

Increased supervisor training by industry experts with local business leader input. Increasing opportunities for Sheriff’s Office teammates to go to outside training.

Increased Efficiency & Increased Safety

Developing tools and equipment so that when our office determines a vehicle pursuit is necessary for public safety, we can intervene and end the chase as soon as possible—additional Emergency Vehicle Operation Course Training.

More Services Provided

Stabilization Center

We partnered with Deschutes County Behavioral Health in this crisis center. We secured funding to expand hours, capabilities, and capacity. Stabilization Centers provide mental health, drug, and alcohol services for individuals experiencing a crisis.

Free Self Defense Classes

Proactive defense and awareness training classes free to community members, so they are better equipped to defend themselves.

Bloodhound Donation, Drones, K9

We added drones and a bloodhound to patrol operations. We also dual certified our eligible patrol dogs, so they are now drug detection K9s.

Attendance Blitzes & School Safety

Deputy Sheriffs and patrol vehicles go to area schools and hand out donuts to arriving students. The program is designed to increase attendance at school and have positive relationships between kids and law enforcement. We have School Resource Deputy Sheriffs serving our schools in La Pine, Sisters, Terrebonne, Tumalo, and Bend. Our office is also active in the Threat Assessment Team, which actively discusses individuals who might pose a danger to others.

Disaster Preparedness/Recovery Position

Hayley Riach has joined our office to create a Disaster Recovery Plan for our county. This includes outreach to our partners and the community, as well as a promotion of Project Wildfire.

Inmate Work Crews

Helping to clean our community by receiving reporting and removal of graffiti and litter in our community.

Marijuana Enforcement Detectives

With the Board of County Commissioners’ support and partnership, we have two detectives who investigate citizen concerns and criminal activity to enforce the laws and deter illegal operations and the marijuana black market.

“Old Glory” United States Flag Retirement Bin

Our office has partnered with the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Boy Scouts to retire American Flags properly. With bins located in our Bend, La Pine, and Sisters offices.


Nursing Program Internships in Jail Medical for COCC Students.

Continue Existing Proactive Programs

Prescription Drug Disposal and Personal Document Shredding, Coffee/Conversation with the Sheriff, free gun safety locks, the LEADER Limo designed to reward juvenile community members who excel in modeling positive behavior, Narcan supply and use for deputy sheriffs in the jail and on patrol to use (in the last five years it has been deployed approximately 20 times), and the COPY (Central Oregon Partnerships for Youth) Mentor Program which has a positive impact on kids who have an incarcerated parent so they can have every chance to take a different path than their incarcerated parent.

Keeping our Community Safe

Blue-Line Safety Zone

Marked parking spaces with 24/7 video recording; these spaces are well lit and provide a safe place for legal online purchase transactions and child custody exchanges. We currently have 3 Zones, The Public Safety Campus in Bend, the Sisters substation, and as of June 2020, the La Pine Substation.

Community Action Target Team (CATT)

Deputy sheriffs assigned to a team that provides proactive enforcement and community interaction by focusing on high-call areas, traffic details, distracted driving details, street crime unit assists, mail thefts, bicycle patrol, and partnering with Mobile Crisis Assessment Team MCAT to maintain a relationship with high call volume individuals affected by mental health concerns.

Drug Disposal Bins

Prescription Drug Disposal secure bins at the main office, and Substations in La Pine, Sisters.

Safe Gun Storage

For those who need to temporarily and safely store their firearm, we offer to secure the firearm until you request it back. Sometimes people need time away from their firearm and/or visitors, or family members may cause the firearm owner to want it secured in a safe place.

Background Investigations Process Improvement

A single, trained background investigator who clearly understands S. O. Mission and Values conducts all the investigations.

Innovative Solutions

Cronuts with Corrections

One of our Behavioral Health Specialists came up with an idea to meet with community resources and work together to come up with solutions and resources to prevent unneeded incarceration of vulnerable individuals during the winter months.

Medical Unit Proactivity

We have partnered with the Health Department to provide flu shots and STD testing of inmates in custody. This will reduce the spread of disease and public illness. Medical is using a different detoxifying procedure that helps the inmate feel better and does not require the use of addictive benzo medication.

Jail Programs

Increased our partnership with Behavioral Health MCAT, so inmates have increased access to mental health. Added an opportunity for Yoga participation.

Ring Doorbell App

Partnered with Ring Doorbell so that homeowner Ring app footage can be shared with law enforcement if we have a crime or suspicious activity in the area.

Transparency & Community Involvement

Citizen Advisory Panel

This will provide guidance and insight for the Sheriff and will be used as a sounding board for agency programs, procedures, and the revamp of our strategic plan. Citizen representatives from different geographic locations.

Recruitment and Hiring

We strive to have the Sheriff’s Office demographic closely resemble that of our county. We work hard to hire the best people, promote the best people, and retain the best people. We moved to a national testing network that puts job notices out across the country and allows for testing in different parts of the country. There is no age limit for recruiting. Deputy Day Camp and the Youth Academy are ways for the younger generation to interact and learn more about their Sheriff’s Office and hopefully join us as teammates when they are old enough.

Policies and Procedures Online

We believe in transparency for the community we serve. Our policies and procedures are posted on our website so the community can see policies and procedures set forth by the Office of Sheriff guiding the operation of the Sheriff’s Office.

One-day Public Safety Academy

(Previously known as the Citizen Academy) An opportunity for the community to come and see what our office does serving them. Community members will be able to run through scenarios of arrest and lodging a prisoner, among other things.

Satellite Public Safety Academy

A shortened version of our Public Safety Academy that will be taken to outlying areas to share how their Sheriff’s Office works and the services we provide.

Deputy Day Camp

Young kids and family members of all ages can see the Sheriff’s Office team and equipment. Get photos with our patrol cars, Search and Rescue Vehicles, SWAT Rescue Vehicles, and dress in Sheriff’s Office uniforms. A mini-investigation scene is set up for young detectives to solve the crime and learn firearm safety at the squirt gun station.

Youth Academy

This is an in-depth 3-day course designed for 12-17-year-olds. They learn about the Sheriff’s Office to include traffic stops, work in our jail, and investigations. This is a recruiting tool, and another way we improve our community partnership.

Facebook, Twitter, and a Public Information Officer

We want to be the best at marketing our Sheriff’s Office, so the community knows the great things we do, and in the interest of transparency, we also share when we have made mistakes and strive to improve on how we do business.

Black and White Patrol Car

The most recognizable law enforcement car colors are highly visible for immediate recognition as your Sheriff’s Office patrols. The new color scheme has the same cost as the old design and is also highly visible during dangerous winter conditions.

Curb Crime Program

Expansion to include a way for our office to share information with the community so they can help be our eyes and ears when we are looking for someone or something during an investigation.